Free Standing Slate Clock


Free Standing Slate Clock

Free Standing Slate Clock Boat

Price:   € 89.00


Measuring 18" x 5" approx. this free-standing clock is part of our "Boat" collection.  We have more similar to this one on offer in our free-standing clock section but we will need 10 days to make it.  This one is ready to go!  Made using recycled slate that had been up on the roofs of Irish buildings for hundreds of years, we gave it another purpose.  So it's re-purposed slate or recycled slate.  We like to think we are doing a favour to the environment by making this old slate into something new!  Otherwise, it could be hanging about some old derelict or run-down building and adding to the umkempt appearance of the place.  Now it's sitting on you mantle piece demanding admiration from all the visitors!!!