Written in Stone: The Proclamation of the Irish Republic


Written in Stone: The Proclamation of the Irish Republic

The Proclamation 15½" x 10½" Celtic Border

Price:   € 84.00

The Proclamation 19½" X 13½" Celtic Border

Price:   € 94.00


The Proclamation written in stone


Heartworks are proud to present the Proclamation, hand carved and laser printed on this noble medium; slate.  The slate, as for all our pieces, is recycled, coming from the roofs of old  Irish houses and buildings.  Some of these slate tiles were a very long time up on these roofs, ages before the Proclamation was made.

There are two sizes to choose from and two borders to chose from:

They measure 15½" x 10½" and 19½" X 13½".

They both have, what we call, the celtic border

The Proclamation is one of the most important documents of modern Irish history.

Drafted mainly by Padraig Pearse, it was printed under very difficult conditions in Liberty Hall on the night before the Rising began.

Shortly before mid-day on Easter Monday, Pearse, standing under the GPO portico, read out the Proclamation declaring Ireland a sovereign independent Republic. Copies were then pasted up on buildings around the city centre.