Garden Features

Here you'll find lots of garden features, either for your own garden/patio or to give as a very special gift, be it a totem or a slate plant marker or you can even create your own garden sculpture.  All our slate used in the making of these garden features is coming from the roof of some Irish building, be it a church or a grand old house.  For some reason, builders take down the old slates and put up new uniform slate tiles in their place.  So we get to purchase those beautiful old slates, some of them very big and thick, and make beautiful pieces out of them for your garden or interior.  

Some of our pieces can be stuck down into the earth (with the aid of a steel rod) or hung in your patio or outside lounge area.  Each piece is handmade and designed by us  and is quite unique.  In other words all our pieces are made to order and therefore take time to make.  

In the world of food, these would not be fast food.  They would be part of the slow food movement.  But as they are ornamental pieces for the garden, we'll call them garden features, designed and created by Heartworks for you.  

When so many people have everything they could possibly need for their house, it is a good idea to turn to their garden and gift them something that is unique and totally different and special