Please allow 10 days for completion  and each piece is individually made and we don't keep a stockpile.  All of these slate designs or Art On Slate will be practically once off pieces.  We say "once-off" in that each piece is made individually and with recycled slate tiles.  That means that each slate tile varies from the next in terms of texture, thickness or chunkiness.  This makes for a very interesting and unique piece every time.  Even we are surprised by the end result.  So when you see something you like, don't expect it to look exactly like it does on the website (although we do our best to have it somewhat similar).  Each piece will have different features on it and we work around these features, making them part of the piece, enhancing their natural beauty and bringing about harmony into the work..  What you get is a unique Heartworks slate piece of art that will adorn any wall and brighten up any wall.


It is a very noble material and deserves to be transformed into an ornament for any house or garden.  Bring a 400 million year old material with a new purpose into your home today!


Normally, we ask for 10 days to make any item as these items are made to order and we don't keep a stockpile of them

Mauricio has taken to creating scenes on slate.  A large proportion of his themes are woodland but he also has the "Voyage of Brendan" and other seascapes.  With the use of an angle grinder he carves out the shapes and makes the necessary texture.  Then using a high quality oil paint he rubs on the colour as necessary creating truly magnificent art pieces.  If you want sizes and dimensions other than what is stated here, please contact us