Chunky Slate Clocks, Almost 3-Dimensional

   30 Jun 2023

Did you know that all our slate, which we recycle and repurpose, comes from the roofs of houses in Ireland?  Those slate tiles might have been up on the roofs for centuries, standing the test of time and keeping out the rain which, otherwise, would have destroyed many an old Huguenot house or a grand Gothic-style castle.  These noble slates deserve a second chance to prove themselves yet again.  And here at Heartworks, we try to give that second opportunity to them and make use of their chunkiness and textured surfaces for our own artistic touch.


I boast not because it is not me who is the artist here.  It is the one and only Mauricio who, through the many years of toil and perfecting his art, has arrived at this very high standard of craftsmanship.  When he takes up a slate that is so chunky and thick as to allow him to get a third dimension into it, he calls upon his cunning talent and brings out this almost 3-dimensional element to the clock.  A good example of this is here in the photo.  And yes that is only one piece of slate.  He has etched and with the help of a hand-held angle grinder he has cut away the surface in places to give depth to the piece.