Complementary Colours on our Slate Ornamental Pieces

   27 Mar 2024

Not every colour is apt for using with slate.  Some colours could cheapen and take away from the nobility of the slate but some colours were made for it.  They bring the piece to life, breathe new life into this otherwise dull material. 

Colours like gold, copper even silver can transform a tedious mirror and make is into something special.  Blues, reds, greens even purples can enhance a slate clock giving it an edge, a regal look almost.  Yellows, blues and greens can make a passée garden or patio feature just jump right out at you.  But the colours have to be well chosen.  He doesn't just use one colour but rather layers one colour on another to either tone it down or give it an interesting hue.

This is where Heartworks secret begins and Mauricio's skill is put to the test.  I don't think Mauricio will be giving up the secret for some time yet.  He has spent years perfecting his colours on slate and that knowledge he guards very well.  Under lock and key almost!! 

But what is not a secret is the finished piece.  That you'll find  through the images in the various headings; clocks, mirrors, garden features, or art on slate, on the website so why don't you check our website and see our work and then you can see what I'm talking about!