Flower Show

   12 Jun 2014

From 18th to 22nd June Heartworks will be exhibiting up at the World Flower Show in the RDS along with some of our Offaly Crafty Members.  But we are having our own little flower show here at the Gate Lodge, every day for the duration of the summer and warmth.  Read on at you own peril!!


It's party time at the Gate Lodge and all the Flowers from around the house would like to invite you to their friggin' frollicking flower fair. They'll all be there in their finery, specially made costumes for the occasion, flouncing about like peacocks at a fancy dress parade, strutting their stuff and showing off hoping to win the best dressed lady or maybe, as a second best, the finest hat of the evening or maybe even win the nice legs competition. So come on down, get in the mood, put on the gear, be prepared to rock and roll, prance around with all those pretty ladies. You can have a good gawk at the gorgeous girls!!! Just Don't forget to put on your party hat.