Free-standing clock

   25 Mar 2013

I'm not quite sure why we don't make free standing clocks anymore. Maybe it is due to the fact that they weren't great sellers or maybe Mauricio found that they were too much work. I can't really say but certain things have a habit of coming in and going out of fashion at the drop of a hat. So I dare say in the future we will once again make free standing clocks.

I was looking up old photos searching for a nice one of me to put on our website (hence I had to look back in 2005) when I came across this lovely photo. It has a surreal feel about it, I think, or if not surreal its almost as if its from another era. I love the warmth exuding from it. But as I was admiring it I suddenly cast my gaze upon the clock - one of Mauricio's more "whacky" clocks that he would only make for friends - there in the middle of all. We used to make these "Sail" clocks. They were called that because they do resemble the sail of a boat. Upon looking at the photo I see a boat beside it emphasising its shape even further.

Alas, I might have found this gem but I didn't find a nice photo of me yet. I might have to go back even further!!!