How nettle can benefit the hair

   10 Mar 2020

I have two shampoo bars with nettle in them:  Lavender and Nettle Shampoo and Rosemary and Nettle Shampoo.  Both of them are for normal to dry hair.  But did you know that nettles have great benefits for the hair?


They help treat dandruff, and as they are rich in silica, they are beneficial for hair growth.  They also are supposed to combat hair loss.  So that's three reasons why you should use nettle in your hair treatment.  A very good way to use nettles, besides using my nettle shampoo bars, is to soak the dried leaves in oil and heat gently for 20 minutes in a bain marie and massage your scalp with this concoction and prefably leave it over night with cling film, or a hat, on your hair.  And that's it!!!