Inscriptions on slate clocks, handwritten or laser printed

   25 Oct 2017

Now I'm not one for having an inscription put on a beautiful piece, be it a clock or a mirror or a picture frame.  I think that if you're giving a present of some of Heartwork's gorgeous designs, you've said enough to the recipient.  No need to write the occasion or the date or a message.  That can be written in a separate card or letter. 

But I'm not the one buying here and I don't get to say what is and what isn't acceptable.  People just love putting messages on the gift they want to present.  They feel it finishes off the thought and the gift itself.  So be it! 

And no better man than Mauricio to oblige.  Be it written or laser printed, he manages to blend that message into his slate piece without offending it or making it look wrong.  Here's a recent example.  This one is handwritten