Lavender and Frankincense Delight

   21 Mar 2017

That is the name of one of my new soaps and it is what is says it is.  I only wonder if I should call it Devine instead of Delight as Frankincense has a devine power about it.  It's no wonder they use it in churches as it promotes a sense of peace and calm and a 'at one with oneself'.  


I have crushed up frankincense and left the powder soaking in olive oil since before Christmas.  I use some of this oil and the powdery substance in my soap along with Lavender whichr is the stronger scent of the two.  Both essential oils are wonderful for the skin.  Frankincense helps tighten the skin,reduce blemishes from acne, prevent wrinkles. Lavender, is anti inflamatory and antiseptic and healing  and can help in the treatment of ezcema.


So what's with the colour?  Spirulina.  Well suffice it to say it's all natural!