Miguel In The Flesh

   06 May 2014

Janey Mac!!!  Miguel, I hardly recognised you with your clothes off and certainly not on the side of Trinity College.  


Miguelito on the Wall

What are you doing there at all

You know that wall has just been plastered 

So get down from there you dirty, Miguelito!!!


All joking apart.  This is Miguel, larger than life, at the side entrance into Trinity.  Miguel is our youngest son and a lot younger than he looks in the drawing of him.  The reason why he's there at all is that his Art Teacher, Joe Caslin, was commissioned by One Young World to do a very large portrait of a young person and this portrait was used to launch the One Young World summit coming to Dublin this autumn.  It won't last for ever as it is only paper.  So, instead of saying Miguel in the Flesh I should have said Miguel in the Paper.  Just didn't have the same ring to it though!!!