Patagonian Sunflower in Purple or Yellow

   17 Jun 2024

Patagonian Sunflower in Purple or Yellow

Does such a thing even exist?  So I delve further and consult good old Google.  What do I find only an article that claims "Sunflowers are likely to have sprung up about 50 million years ago in Argentine Patagonia"  https://en.mercopress.com/2010/09/24/argentine-patagonia-fossil-reveals-the-origin-of-sunflower.  It goes on to say that a fossilised flower discovered in that area of Argentina could possibly date to that amount of time ago

Now I don't honestly believe that Mauricio, who nicknamed our "Patagonian sunflower" had  read this article.  No, I rather think that he made a flower on slate, had a good look at it and, as he's from Chile and the Patagonia area spreads into Chile too, he got a sort of a brain wave and called it "The Patagonian Sunflower"?  Something like that!!!  Instead of calling it a simple "Sunflower" he decided to make it into something exotic and with a name accordingly.

Note the process of implanting a sunflower on slate.  In the middle photo you will see it clearly etched out with an angle grinder.  Once that is done, then it's time for Mauricio to do his magic and apply the colour.

So if you want to see more about the said flower the link is above.