Something Different For The Home

   22 Mar 2023

In this blog, I would like to talk about some of the many items for the home we have that qualify as "something Different".  In the last blog, I talked about something unique for the garden.  Here at Heartworks, we strive to be unique, and different and to cut a dash!  We aim to "wow" our customers with our slate functional pieces for the home and garden.  I can say this because as I don't make the unique home pieces myself I am not bragging.  

First of all, I would like to point out that our slate is recycled, coming from the roofs of some buildings or castles or even churches in Ireland.  In most cases, these slate tiles will have been up on the roof for many hundreds of years.  So from the offset, there is a charm to them, a nobleness even, before we get our hands on them to transform them into beautiful unique functional home pieces.  

We love what we do and it is evident from the finished piece, which in a way, is a piece of art.  Nothing shoddy about Mauricio's work.  He is adamant that each piece that leaves this premises is worthy of doing so.  If not, it get chucked to the side for another use another day!  Please take a look at some of these find decorative functional home pieces for yourself to judge!