St Brendam's Boat and his Four Monks

   14 Mar 2023

St. Brendan's voyage on recyled Slate

Here's yet another image of St. Brendan's Voyage.  I'm sure there were more than 4 monks on the boat.  I actually don't know how many but you can be sure if was more than four.  Four big monks along with st. Brendan is what we have depicted.  I imagine these monks were not so big by the end of their journey.  Did they arrive in America?  1000 years before Christopher Columbus?  Well there are rumours that yes, they did.  Some say they arrived in Florida, some say in Newfoundland.  And was he in his eighties when he embarked on this journey.  There's lots of material on the web so do look it up.  Suffice it to say, we at Heartworks, will continue to depict St. Brendan on a boat (made of Cowhide??) with four other monks.


By the way, which one was he of the five we have depicted?  I don't think even Mauricio knows that.  He was just inspired by the