The advantages of a shampoo bar over a liquid shampoo

   27 Jun 2016

The most obvious advantage to a shampoo bar is the convenience of travelling with it.  No more worries at the security counter at the airport.  Why?  'Cause it ain't liquid.  

The next advantage is not so apparent but, nonetheless, as valid;  Less packaging involved and therefore less expensive to the consumer.  


Are there any other advantages?  Well, yes there are.  For one thing, I can add so many wonderful oils  when making a shampoo bar, such as avocado oil.  which in liquid shampoo will cloud up the mixture making it less attractive.  And another point is that liquid shampoo is much harder to make and to get right than shampoo bars.  There are so many factors that can contribute to the final shampoo not being 100%.


Having said all that, I am willing to give liquid shampoo a go and, in fact, have made my first batch. And to my amazement, nothing major has gone wrong.  So keep an eye out for my natural liquid shampoo.  I will definitely have it ready in time for the christmas craft fairs