The Different Borders Around a Heartworks Slate Clock

   04 Aug 2023

Over the years, Mauricio has shown an amazing ability to come up with new ideas for his slate pieces including his clocks.  The borders, especially, undergo tremendous change from time to time.  This is due to the fact that there aren't many areas to change on a clock.  You have the face and then you have the border.  He tends to leave the face alone and keep it discreet so as not to take away from the ornamental value of the piece.


Here are some examples of borders.   

In the first photo you have, what I call, the tile effect.  That's because it reminded me of those small tiles you see on the back of a kitchen wall around the sink!   This is definitely a most recent addition to our clocks - lets say from the last 3 years.  Take a look at our rectangular clocks to see how versatile a border it is

The second one has been around for years - the celtic border - coming in  blue and/or green and can be found on many of our clock.  If you like this one, just contact us and tell us that you would like a particular clock of your choosing with that border and we'll do it for you.  Consider it done! 

The third picture depicts a deluxe border and has usually been in the round clock section.  It makes for a "deluxe" type clock and that is why I named it so. 

The fourth clock's border is called  "multi-coloured".  Well I could see that it has lots of colours mingled together in there to make a very attractive border.  Forgive me for not using my imagination for a more pleasing title!!

Last and certainly not least is the classic gold edge border.  We've pretty much had this as part of our offering since the beginning.  It is so popular that we kept it on.  In some cases, we add green or some other colour to the gold to make in interesting.

The above varieties are, by no means, the entire collection.  We have experimented over the years with lots of borders  (we even have horse shoes on one piece).  Some linger on and some vanish as quickly as they came.  

Another thing to note is that we will always listen to your requests for a particular border,  and,  if we can help we will