The perfect St. Patrick's day

   08 Mar 2014

Heartworks don't make  perfect St. Patrick's Days in Tullamore but if they did it would be a little bit different from the way it is.  For example, the sun would not cease to shine all day. The parade would be one of the most exotic exhibitions ever seen on the emerald Isle bringing together all the communities of Tullamore and surrounding areas and allowing them to show what they can offer to the town.  There would be no commercial element at all to the parade.  None whatsoever.  There would be a massive big party on  in the park afterwards with food vendors of all descriptions there to suit all tastes and the smells emanating from stalls and wafting through the air would whet many an appetite. There would be clowns, fire eaters, mime artists, puppet shows, great tall Stilt walkers in costumes, face painters, dancers, street theatre in every corner, all mingling together to create a Mardi Gras -esque feel to the park and the streets of Tullamore.  There would be a massive stage with live music and other acts on all day.  People could either stand and dance or have a sit down beer or a cup of coffee in the great big cafe not far from the stage.  There would be a great big tent where all the artists and craft people and artisan food makers from the locality could show off their wares.  The craic would be mighty

But Heartworks don't do St. Patrick's Day so I'm not too sure about whether the sun will shine all day on 17th march and there's no guarantee that you will see a clown running away from a stilt walker who in turn is being chased by a bellydancer who is also breathing in and out hot fire.  One thing is for certain, there will be a lot more people out on the street, men, women and children all coming together to celebrate their Irishness , they will have the craic on the streets in the morning, the pubs will fill up for the rest of the day and Heartworks can't do a thing about that even if they tried. So roll on Paddy's day.