Unique Christmas Gifts Using Recycled Slate

   05 Nov 2022

As usual, Mauricio has been busy making very unusual designs using recycled slate.  If it's a quirky clock you're looking for or maybe a tealight holder you'll find something very unique here.  All our slate comes from the roofs of Irish Buildings.  These slates might have been up on the roofs for centuries so they are very special.  They are also full of character, unlike new store-bought slate which is very uniform.

Mauricio spends copious amounts of time on each of his pieces.  He is a bit of a perfectionist and it has to be of a high standard or else he's not showing it off.  I, his partner, often wonder why it took him so long to make a piece.  I never tell him this because he's the "boss".  He has to be 100% behind the object he is making and that's final!  No doling out of his craft!!  One could say that his pieces are works of art.

Here are a few examples of recent commissions and work of his.  He has really developed a unique style and I doubt anyone could work the slate as he does.  But I'm biased!!