Wedding Cake Slate Stand V Cheese board forever

   20 Jul 2019

Another great idea brought to us by you, a customer of ours.  She wanted to give the happy couple a gift that would last for a long time but was also taking on the task of making their wedding cake, so she killed two birds with the one stone (slate, excuse the pun)  And the two birds being the husband and wife are still alive to tell the tale.  No birds got killed here, I can assure you. 

But anyway, I digress.  See for yourself.  What you're left with, after the wedding cake has been devoured by all in sundry, is a rather big cheese board.  The slate is recycled slate, coming from the roof of some old house or other has been finished off with a food safe oil so that all manner of food; cheese, salmon, olives, and not to forget cake, all can be placed directly on the board.  Nifty, eh??