09 Mar 2014

Yin/Yang has a very profound meaning and it goes something like this: There are two forces at work and they are interdependent on each other, they are complete opposites but yet compliment each other.  They work together to bring about balance and harmony.  They form a duality which is evident in everything around us.  For example Night and Day, Man and Woman, Hot and Cold, Life and Death, etc etc.


Happy/Sad.  Can you imagine if only one of these existed.  Take, for example, Sad.  On its own it wouldn't and couldn't exist without its counterpart, Happy.  We know about sadness because we know about happiness.  We know about Darkness because we know about Light. Because all things have an opposite and a part equally important we can give shape to these things.  


And to celebrate the term Yin/Yang Heartworks has their Yin/Yang tealight holders on offer this month.  Just click on the photos for more details.