"Lavender" Gift Sets


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"Lavender" Gift Sets

"Lavender Delight" Gift Set

Price:   € 17.50

"Lavender Deluxe" Gift Set

Price:   € 22.00

"Lavender Divine" Gift Set

Price:   € 28.00


Coming in a lidless box and covered with compostable cellophane, these gift sets make an attractive and inexpensive gift set.

Our body butter, cream deodorants, soap and shampoo bars are free from nasty parabens, aluminium and artificial additives.  See each section for further details.

As part of our Lavender range and all PALM FREE, these gift sets comprise of:-

"Delight" Lavender and frankincense natural soap and lavender shampoo bar

"Divine" - Lavender body butter and lavender cream deodorant

"Deluxe" - Lavender & frankincense natural soap and lavender body butter

You can always contact us to make slight changes in the gift sets